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Increase sales revenues

You’re the one everyone turns to when it’s time to increase the top-line. From early stage improvements and enabling your team to close more deals in less time while wowing prospects, NextBlue has the people, processes and technologies to support you along your own journey to sales revenue growth.

Get an ROI on your Marketing Initiatives

KPIs, OKRs, Conversions, CLV, brand awareness and recognition, NextBlue Alliance members speak your language. We can help you merge the right data with the right tools to come up with numbers that you, your CEO and CFO need to evaluate the ROI on your initiatives.

Improve the omni-channel customer experience

CX is everywhere in the buying cycle, in all of the channels. You need to monitor every step, all the time, seamlessly. One bad experience can ruin the whole deal. The task of being on top of things might seem overwhelming. By identifying the moments of truth in all those contact points based on solid data, you’ll be able to improve the precious interactions with prospects and customers that generate the highest life-time value.

Reinvent customer experience through digital innovation

When improving is not enough, reinventing the customer experience is often the way to go. Through research, analyzing your CX, and filtering through a large array of digital innovations, the Next-Blue Alliance can help you build a totally new approach to your CX for your prospects and clients while making sure it’s implemented according to the best practices in automation and AI that your CTO will be glad to get.

Champion a customer-centric corporate culture across the enterprise

Customer-centric is about CLV. About choosing the right segments on which you focus your main efforts of growth and sustainability. This highly strategic decision can only be supported by people with the expertise, credibility and long-standing experience of several individual that an Alliance like Next Blue can provide.


New Marketing & Sales Funnel

The integration of the Marketing and Sales processes has been a preoccupation in the last few years and martech plays a major role in a fast-growing trend, to the point that some corporation now talk about the revenue department.


But just as data and automation have personalized the Customer experience, these technologies allow you to re-define how you market and sell.

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