The Customer Journey has evolved...

Using AI throughout the customer (buyer) journey will allow you to choose the right action at the right time for your customer. The AI at the heart of NextBlue’s Marketing Funnel puts emphasis on engagements and conversions related to needs, to better target and retarget audiences and cohorts.

How can you adapt your approach to offer this exceptional experience? This is what next-generation marketing offers, a three-step marketing approach with: “Know Us!”, “Like Us!”, and “Trust Us!”.

Know Us

Get to know your customers with digital tools and generate customer interest in your products and services. The goal is to build an audience of which you know the needs.

Like Us

The second step is to target customers with needs and assess their desires and expectations using digital tools. Engage in a two-way dialogue and bring your prospects to consider your products and services to fulfill their needs.

Trust Us

Once your customers have established a clear preference for your business, keep building their trust. Leverage the sales team by efficiently transferring them opportunities and letting them close the sales more easily.